Hey. I'm Markus.

Currently working at Peter Schmidt Group

Aiming to create stunning digital products.

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I am a multidisciplinary designer from Hamburg, Germany, currently looking for a job as junior art director or ui / ux designer. By the way, my name is Markus and I am 22 years old.

I strongly believe that you can achieve anything you want, no matter how crazy it sounds at first. I live by this believe, always trying out new stuff and pushing my own boundaries. And this goes for my approach on design, as well. It does not matter how complex a task seems, how ‚awkward‘ a client may be. If you push your own boundaries, you can achieve striking results.

Apart from this I simply love digital product design, as well as architecture. I was introduced to design through video games, so this may be the reason for my focus in digital. Always had the feeling you are not that restricted in a digital environment. Nonetheless, I enjoyed learning about all the different design disciplines while studying media design at the macromedia university for 3 ½ years. I also had the opportunity to spent half a year in Madrid, Spain, learning about spanish culture, understanding of design and a ton of human resources and intercultural business management (which was surprisingly fun).

All in all I am just a ordinary dude who knows a lot about photoshop and a thing or two about designing stuff.

CasesComing soon In the meantime you can check out my dribbble.

What I want to do


Whether it may be a styleguide, a microsite to advertise the newest sport shoe, a registration form or a navigation layer. The part of actual designing is currently my main focus and by this I do not mean just the visual design but the conceptual party as well as all the other topics they may came up during the design process. Even though I find great joy in visual design, I enjoy working on the concept, the interaction model, the client presentation or any other part of the process as much as on the final execution.

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As I progress through my career, one of my main goals is to further learn about leadership and improve my practical skills on it. So by taking this point onto this page, I want it to present it as a long-term goal of mine, that I am eager to get into.

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